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Rebatching soap – how to rebatch soap using a double boiler or crockpot

Buying or Making your Soap Molds WidgetsMore about MOLDS : You can use almost anything glass, stainless steel or plastic as a soap mold. You can use a wooden box lined with saran wrap, a pvc pipe capped on one end or candy molds. A PVC pipe makes a neat mold. All you do is spray the inside with PAM and then pour the soap solution into the pipe,let it set, and then uncap and push the soap out of the mold. You then can cut it into round

Hand Rebatching Soap Using a Crockpot, Double Boiler or Oven Widgets Hand rebatching soap is a very easy process and is for the most part fool proof and safe.  There are several reasons why you may want to rebatch your soap. First, you can buy soap noodles or glycerine soap base online and rebatch them. (see carousel above) A Soap Noodle (melt and pour soap) is simply premade soap that you melt together with fragrance and colorant to create new bars.  This typ