Castille, Coffee, Crisco, Lard Simple Blender Soap Recipes Formula – Free

Here is our collection of simple to make blender soap formulas. The coffee soap has a few extra ingredients but is great for removing odors from clothing or hands. It is often called mechanics soap and is very popular. The Castille olive oil soap is very popular and gentle. The soaps with palm or coconut oil are not as gentle but lather and clean well. I hope you enjoy our formulas. To alter the formulas or recipes you can use our Soap-Calc spreadsheet program. If you prefer video soap making lessons you can Click Here. Also, if you like soap making then you may also want to consider making your own Spa Products as well.

Simple Castille Olive Oil Soap
16 ounces of pure olive oil (non virgin)
2 oz. Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
6 oz. Distilled Water

Odor Removing Lathering Coffee Soap
8 oz olive oil
4 oz palm oil
4 oz coconut oil
7 oz of strong coffee or expresso
2.2 oz Sodium Hydroxide (lye)
1 ounce cocoa butter added at trace
1/4 ounce vanilla essential oil at trace

Simple Olive Oil and Coconut Formula (moderate lather)
6 ounces of coconut oil
6 ounces olive oil
4 ounces of Crisco
2.3 ounces lye
7 ounces water

Easy Palm Oil and Crisco Recipe
8 ounces of Crisco or comparable shortening
4 ounces of Palm oil
4 ounces of Lard
2.2 oz lye
6 fluid ounces distilled or rain water

Easy Formula Lard Soap
16 ounces lard (available at Walmart Superstores)
2.1 ounces lye
7 ounces water
.2 oz of fragrance if desired.

Easy Coconut Soap (rich lather)
16 oz. coconut oil
2.8 ounces of sodium hydroxide (lye)
7 ounces water
.16 ounce eo or fo (lavender, peach,almond etc…)

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