Free Blender Soap Recipes / Formulas (how to convert)

There are a large variety of blender soap recipes and formulas available on the internet.  We have quite a few free ones on this site.  If you find a recipe that you like but it is in size that is too large for a blender batch here is how to convert it.

Lets first take a sample recipe.

78 oz. olive oil
6 oz. coconut oil
6 oz. palm oil
24 oz. cold water
12 oz. lye crystals
Here is how to convert it.
First add up the total ounces of oil.  In the case of the formula above that would be 90 ounces.  Now divide 78 by 90 to get .8666.  Then 6 by 90 to get .0666.  And 6 by 90 again to get .0666.
Now simply multiply .8666 x 16 = 13.86 ounces  of Olive Oil
Then .0666 x 16 = 1.06 ounces of Coconut Oil
Then .0666 x 16 = 1.06 ounces of Palm Oil
I would simply make it 14 ounces of Olive oil, 1 ounce of Coconut Oil and 1 ounce of Palm Oil.
Now you need to calculate the Lye amount.  To do this write down the sap values for each oil.  Olive oil is .133, Coconut oil is .180 and Palm oil is .139.
Multiply 14 ounces of Olive oil x .133 = 1.86 (ounces of lye).  Multiply 1 ounce of coconut x .180 = .180 (ounces of lye). Multiply 1 ounce of Palm oil x .139 = .139 (ounces of lye)  The total of the three is 2.179 ounces of lye. (2.18)
The amount of water is normally .40 of the amount of oils that you use.  So take 16 x .4 = 6.4 ounces of water.
So your formula is
14 ounces of Olive Oil
1 ounce of Coconut Oil
1 ounce of Palm Oil
2.18 ounces of lye
6.4 ounces of water
You can see why people create spreadsheets to do the calculations.  However, doing them by hand is not difficult.  You simply use a SAP value chart and a calculator.

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