How to Make Soap Without Using Lye (lye free soap)

Can you make soap without using lye?  This is a common question.  The answer is yes, you can make soap without “you” having to use lye.  This keeps the process completely safe.   This would be done either by rebatching soap chips or noodles or using a melt and pour soap base.  You can buy melt and pour soap base or glycerine soap base on the internet and then melt it down and pour it into soap molds.   For recipes you can use any of the standard cold process ones.  However, skip the oil and lye part and just add the fragrances, etc..   that the recipe calls for at the trace stage.  Your imagination is the only limitation.  Molds can be purchased at hobby stores or over the internet.

* keep in mind that in order to create the glycerine soap base or melt and pour noodles lye would have been used.

Once you have mastered melt and pour soaps you may want to learn about how to create Spa Products also.

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