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There are a huge variety of soapmaking oils.  The oils you use will determine what type of soap you will end up with.  For example, olive oil creates a gentle soap while coconut or palm oil create lather. We have assembled a wide variety of the more difficult to find oils in our store below.  Common oils like Olive or Peanut oil are not included because they can be found locally.  In our store below we have coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernal oil, avocado oil, safflower oil, almond oil, mink oil, emu oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, evening primrose, apricot oil, borage oil, walnut oil, pecan oil, macadamia oil, cocoa butter, pistachio oil, grape seed oil, kukui oil and more.  Run your mouse over an item to see more detail.

To see our article on the properties of different soap making oils CLICK HERE. Also, check our essential oil and fragrance oil store also.

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