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Our spreadsheet program called Soap-Calc is designed to help you create your own custom soap recipes.  It will calculate how much lye and water is needed for any combination of oils you enter. There are 53 oils available to choose from. The program calculates a recipe using the oil amounts you enter and also converts the batch to a blender sized formula. This way you have two formulas for every combination of oils that you enter.

The spreadsheet is $19.99 and is available in a downloadable format. After you pay via paypal you will be given a download link. The link will take you to a directory where you can download the files individually or all at one time as a .zip file. Instructions on how to use the spreadsheet are included.  Also included free with the soap-calc is our collection of 101+ blender soap formulas.  The soapcalc spreadsheet can be opened one of three ways.  First, you can open the spreadsheet using Excel.  Second, you can open the spreadsheet using the included “spread32” program.  Third, you can go to and use that free service to open the spreadsheet.

You can order below.  If you have any questions you can email me at .  Thanks.

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