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Exfoliating soaps are great for refreshing your skin.  They gently remove dead skin cells and reveal new fresh skin.  Exfoliating soaps also remove dirt, oil and grime that regular soaps do not get rid of.  You will find below a variety of exfoliating soap recipes and formulas that you can make right in your own home.  Feel free to modify any of these recipes to suit your own personal needs. If you prefer video soap making lessons you can Click Here. Also, if you like soap making then you may also want to consider making your own Spa Products as well.

Oat Flour Gentle Exfoliating Soap
6 ounces Avocado oil
4 ounces Coconut oil
4 ounces Olive oil
2 ounces Palm oil
2.3 ounces Lye
7 ounces Water
At trace:
2 Tablespoons Whole oat flour
1 Teaspoon Almond Essential Oil

Honey and Oats Exfoliating Soap
9 ounces Olive oil
4 ounces Coconut oil
4 ounces of Canola Oil
2.4 ounces lye
6.4 ounces water
1 teaspoon Evening Primrose
1/8 cup finely ground oatmeal
1 teaspoon warm honey

Skin Renew Exfoliating Soap Bar
6 ounces olive oil
1 ounces wheat germ oil
5 ounces coconut oil
4 ounces palm oil
7 ounces distilled water
2.3 ounces sodium hydroxide
1/2 ounce Lavender essential oil
2 Tablespoons ground oatmeal
1 Tablespoon ground almonds

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