Soap Oils SAP Saponification Values Factors

The SAP values below are set to 1% excess fat. To calculate how many ounces of lye are needed for the oil that you use take the ounces and multiply by the factor. Sodium Hydroxide is the lye you would use for bars of soap. For more excess fat you would decrease the lye a fraction. For every percent that you want to increase the excess fat just reduce the lye by 1%. For example to make a batch go from 1% excess fat

Aromatherapy Soap Formulas / Recipes – Free

Aromatherapy has been used since the beginning of recorded history to treat a variety of ailments. Respiratory conditions are especially responsive to aromatherapy. By introducing certain essential oils into your soap formulas you can easily create aromatic soaps that can treat different symptoms. Listed below are some aromatherapy soap recipes and what they treat. If you prefer video soap making lessons you can C

Essential Oils and Fragrances for Soap Making – Store

Essential oils and fragrance oils are a very important part of the soap making process.  They add fragrance to soap.  Soap is made to clean but also to leave you smelling nice. The aroma of soap also has a soothing effect.  Essential oils are recommended over fragrance oils and are considered less problematic.  Our store below includes fragrances like patchouli, lavender, sweet orange, cinnamon, peppermint, euc

Castor Emu Avocado Kukui Macadamia Nut Oil Blender Soap Recipes Formulas

The following soap recipes are free and include an Avocado Oil and Oat Flour bar that lathers and is relatively hard, a Castor Oil soap that also lathers and is relatively hard, some Emu Oil formulas and a wonderful Cocoa Mint Soap formula. All are designed to lather well. All of the formulas on this page can be modified using our Soap-Calc spreadsheet program. Also, you can modify the essential oils to get the fra

Exfoliating Soap Recipes and Formulas – Free

Exfoliating soaps are great for refreshing your skin.  They gently remove dead skin cells and reveal new fresh skin.  Exfoliating soaps also remove dirt, oil and grime that regular soaps do not get rid of.  You will find below a variety of exfoliating soap recipes and formulas that you can make right in your own home.  Feel free to modify any of these recipes to suit your own personal needs. If you prefer video

Troubleshooting Soap Making Problems Recipes Formulas Batches

SOAP MAKING PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS / TROUBLESHOOTING YOUR SOAP RECIPES AND BATCHES PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION Soap won’t trace or is tracing much too slow. Not enough lye, too much water, wrong temperatures, did not stir enough or too slow. A high percentage of unsaturated fats in the base oils can also cause a slow trace. Double check water, oil and lye measurements. If amounts and temperatures are found t

Free Blender Soap Recipes / Formulas (how to convert)

There are a large variety of blender soap recipes and formulas available on the internet.  We have quite a few free ones on this site.  If you find a recipe that you like but it is in size that is too large for a blender batch here is how to convert it. Lets first take a sample recipe. 78 oz. olive oil 6 oz. coconut oil 6 oz. palm oil 24 oz. cold water 12 oz. lye crystals Here is how to convert it. First add

Peach Cream Orange Carrot Oats Honey Apples Cinnamon Blender Soap Recipes Formula

On this page we have a variety of luxurious blender soap recipes.  These recipes can be doubled or tripled and made the standard cold process way.  The blender method just makes the job quicker.  You can alter the formulas by using our soap calc program. Also, we have a soap oils and soap fragrance store as well. If you prefer video soap making lessons you can Click Here. Also, if you like soap making then you

Goats Milk Soap Recipes and Formulas – Free

The following recipes are free and include several goats milk soap recipes / formulas. All are designed to lather well and have the rich feel that only goats milk can give you.  All of the formulas on this page can be modified using our Soap-Calc spreadsheet program. Also, you can modify the essential oils to get the fragrance you desire. Things like oatmeal and ground apricots can be added at trace as well. Alway

Monoi Oil, Hempseed, Aloe Vera, Rosemary Sage Oil Blender Soap Recipes Formulas

The following soap recipes are free and include an Aloe Vera bar that lathers and is relatively hard, a modified Castille Olive oil soap that will be a softer bar with a mild lather, a rosemary sage bar, a wonderful Monoi Oil (tahitian) bar with shea butter (luxurious) and a nice lathering hempseed oil soap.  Any of the formulas on this page can be modified using our Soap-Calc spreadsheet program.  Also, you can

Expresso Oatmeal Cinnamon Cocoa Chocolate Soap Recipes Formulas

Thank you for stopping by to look at our free soap recipes. Of the free soap recipes on the internet ours are different in that they are all sized to 16 ounces making them easy to make in a standard blender using the method described in the articles to the right on this page.  The recipes or formulas below can be double or tripled etc.. and made using the standard cold process as well.  This page of recipes featu

How to Make Soap Without Using Lye (lye free soap)

Can you make soap without using lye?  This is a common question.  The answer is yes, you can make soap without “you” having to use lye.  This keeps the process completely safe.   This would be done either by rebatching soap chips or noodles or using a melt and pour soap base.  You can buy melt and pour soap base or glycerine soap base on the internet and then melt it down and pour it into soap mold

Soap Making Oils – Discount Store

There are a huge variety of soapmaking oils.  The oils you use will determine what type of soap you will end up with.  For example, olive oil creates a gentle soap while coconut or palm oil create lather. We have assembled a wide variety of the more difficult to find oils in our store below.  Common oils like Olive or Peanut oil are not included because they can be found locally.  In our store below we have coc

No Tears Baby Soap Recipes and Quick Trace Blender Soap Formulas

Here are some of our quick trace soap formulas as well as some no tears baby soap recipes.  The quick trace recipes are heavier on coconut and palm oils and will lather very nicely.  The gentle baby soap recipes are more olive oil based and are much more gentle.  You  can modify any of our formulas using our Soap-Calc Spreadsheet Program.  The program will let you enter any oils you wish and will calculate the

Goats Milk and Shampoo Bar Blender Soap Recipes / Formula – Free

On this page you will find two Shampoo Bar soap formulas and several milk and goats milk soap formulas.  Shampoo bars are for your hair and tend to have a nice lather and are intended to leave your hair feeling nice and clean and not heavy.  Milk based soaps are designed to naturally moisturize dry skin and keep it healthy.  You may alter any of our formulas using our Soap-Calc Spreadsheet Program .  Keep in mi

Soap-Calc Lye Calculation Spreadsheet Program SAP Calculator

Click image to see the spreadsheet image full size. Our spreadsheet program called Soap-Calc is designed to help you create your own custom soap recipes.  It will calculate how much lye and water is needed for any combination of oils you enter. There are 53 oils available to choose from. The program calculates a recipe using the oil amounts you enter and also converts the batch to a blender sized formula. This way

Free Seaweed Almond Oil Shea Butter Blender Soap Recipes Formulas

Welcome to our free exotic soap recipes.  This collection includes a wonderful Goats Milk and Oatmeal Soap and a fabulous Almond Soap. Also a very gentle baby or sensitive skin recipe as well as an exfoliating kelp and seaweed Japanese soap formula. Finally, we have one luxurious Shea Butter formula that you are sure to love. You may alter any of the recipes.  It is recommended that you run the formula through ou

Castille, Coffee, Crisco, Lard Simple Blender Soap Recipes Formula – Free

Here is our collection of simple to make blender soap formulas. The coffee soap has a few extra ingredients but is great for removing odors from clothing or hands. It is often called mechanics soap and is very popular. The Castille olive oil soap is very popular and gentle. The soaps with palm or coconut oil are not as gentle but lather and clean well. I hope you enjoy our formulas. To alter the formulas or recipes

Safely Working with Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)

Safely working with lye If you are going to make soap at home you are going to have to deal with lye. Lye is also known as sodium hydroxide and is the key ingredient in soap. It is the chemical that converts the oils and fats. Lye is one of the key ingredients in drain openers such as “Drano” or “Liquid Plumber” because of its amazing ability to convert greasy buildup into a soluble substanc

The Chemistry Behind Soapmaking / How is soap made?

Soap is a byproduct of a chemical reaction that takes place between oils or fats and sodium hydroxide or lye. When mixed with water and then with oils or fats a process called saponification takes place. The initial saponification process takes anywhere from 20 – 90 minutes. After the soap mixture is poured into a mold the rest of the saponification takes place and can take from 5 – 6 weeks. Once th

Soap Making Instructions and Free Soap Formulas